Calpeda submersible pumps

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December 16, 2014
Calpeda GQV submersible pump, shown fitted with a float switch for automatic use.

Calpeda GQV submersible pump, shown fitted with a float switch for automatic use.

Calpeda are well known for producing quality surface mounted centrifugal pumps, but they are also a reference point in the drainage pump sector because they know that this type of pump has to be sturdy, constructed from quality materials, and give great reliability in difficult operating conditions.

Calpeda’s first submersible pump models can be traced back to the 1990s.

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  • The GM50 was the first addition to Calpeda’s drainage pump range. This was and still is a model for industrial use that is sturdy, reliable and has a particularly robust construction. The mechanical seal in any drainage pump is a very crucial part, and Calpeda has devoted great attention to this. Calpeda fit a quality double internal mechanical seal in these pumps as standard, and these run within an oil bath.
  • The GM10 pump aimed for domestic use was soon added to the GM50 pump range. The distinctive feature of this pump was the motor casing which unusual for this period in time, was entirely constructed from composite polymers.
  • 1995 is when the GX pump was created. This model filled a gap in the range between industrial and domestic sectors. The GX40 is much lighter than the cast iron GM50, but still very resistant as it is constructed from stainless steel, and also fitted with the double internal mechanical seal running within an oil bath.
  • Further evolution and research in the drainage pump sector led, in 2008-2009, to the innovative GXR and GXV range which further enhanced the domestic range with models characterised by a superior construction level, higher performance curves and once again, internal mechanical seals running in an oil bath.
  • In 2010-2011 Calpeda introduced the GQR, GQS, and GQV pumps. These are a top performing pump range made of hybrid cast iron and steel, with the now familiar double internal mechanical seal.
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