Calpeda new submersible pump GQS40-9

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July 28, 2020

Calpeda Pumps have just launched a new submersible pump the GQS 40-9 415 Volt and the 230 Volt GQSM 40-9

So what’s special about this new model, well we can’t think of another 40 mm outlet pump that has a totally free flow vortex impeller that will pass 40mm soft solids. The pump end is constructed from cast iron with a chrome nickel steel impeller and a carbon vs ceramic  mechanical seal.

Flow rate goes out to 340 litres per minute max at a 1 metre head and 60 litres per minute at just over 8 metres head.

See the performance curves below in comparison to the Lowara Domo7 the Grundfos AP35B.50.06 the Ebara Right75 and the Pedrollo VX8-35 VXC8-35

The GQS40-9 joins a list of existing pump models in the range, such as :

GQS50-8 GQS50-9 GQS50-11 GQS50-13 GQS50-15

GQV50-8 GQV50-9 GQV50-11 GQV50-13 GQV50-15

GQSM50-8 GQSM50-9 GQSM50-11 GQSM50-13 GQSM50-15

GQVM50-8 GQVM50-9 GQVM50-11 GQVM50-13 GQVM50-15

Please click on the link should you wish to download a data sheet

PDF Datasheet download GQS__GQV_2020

Please contact our sales team for any further information or pricing