John Crane Mechanical Seal Type 109 Vulcan 1609

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August 6, 2019

Here we have some photographs of a back to back mechanical seal one of our customers needed to replace.

The seals had been taken out of a mixer unit which had sprung a leak.

The seals were in a very poor condition and past the stage of refurbishment.

We managed to identify the seals as 3 1/4 inch John Crane type 109 PTFE wedge seals.

We replaced these with our type 1609 seal which is available in Carbon, Ceramic or Silicon Carbide.

We recommended that the outboard seal should be Silicon Carbide and the inboard should be in Carbon vs Ceramic. We also recommended that the seal chamber inlet and outlet pipes be checked and a suitable seal coolant be used.

The mixer is now back in service and working well.

Here we have a picture of the Vulcan 109 type with which we replaced the John Crane seals with

The multiple spring seal has a very highly effective design and commonly found in chemical applications.

The type 1609 incorporates a PTFE wedge secondary seal. It is also available as a 1609S which is the o-ring mounted version.

These rotary seals are commonly fitted against the type 25 clamped stationary seal.

Operational limits minus 30 deg C up to plus 140 deg C and pressures unto 23 bar

Please contact us should you require further assistance or information regarding the 1609 seal or any other mechanical seal application you may have.

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