Calpeda new NMP swimming pool pumps

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May 29, 2020

Calpeda pumps UK are one of a few pump manufacturers still producing commercial swimming pool pumps in both cast iron and bronze. Using such materials provides a far better mechanical stability in larger pools, found in leisure centres and hotels especially when compared to larger plastic pumps.

The Bronze pumps are especially suitable for sea water or salt water chlorinated pools.

The new models that have been introduced to this range are specific to the NMP65 series and provide flows unto 120 cubic metres of water per hour with heads ranging up to 26 metres (2.6 bar). these models have new improved impeller designs which radically improve efficiencies, thus reducing the need for larger electric motors.

Pump models in the NMP range include the following :

NMP32/12FE  NMP32/12DE  NMP32/12AA  NMP32/12S/A  NMP50/12H/A  NMP50/12G/A  NMP50/12F/B  NM50/12D/A  NMP65/12E  NMP65/12C  NMP65/12A

All the above models are also available in Bronze, so prefixed with the letter B to denote Bronze version

B-NMP32/12FE  B-NMP32/12DE  B-NMP32/12AA  B-NMP32/12S/A  B-NMP50/12H/A  B-NMP50/12G/A  B-NMP50/12F/B  B-NMP50/12D/A  B-NMP65/12E  B-NMP65/12C  B-NMP65/12A

There are also a few single phase 230 volt pump models available :

B-NMPM32/12FE  B-NMPM32/12DE  B-NMPM32/12AE  B-NMPM32/12SE  B-NMPM50/12HE  B-NMPM50/12GEB-NMPM32/12FE  NMPM32/12DE  NMPM32/12AE  NMPM32/12SE  NMPM50/12HE  NMPM50/12GE

The NMP range are a self priming pump fitted with a built in strainer with 3mm diameter holes. They are capable of pumping water up to 60 degrees C and can operate in ambient temperatures up to 40 degrees C. The motors are continuously rated and the maximum working pressure is 6.0 bar

Special features are also available on request, such as 60Hz, IP55, special mechanical seals and higher liquid and ambient temperatures.

Also available are the MPC MPCM range for domestic pools and SPA pumps for whirlpools

Please contact our sales office for further information or pricing (see contact page)

Download the latest 2020 data sheets here : NMP_2020