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Calpeda Pumps

We have been an official area UK distributor for Calpeda Pumps since before our incorporation in 2003 and have staff here with nearly 25 years experience in specifying Calpeda products. Calpeda are still a family owned Italian pump manufacturer, well known for their quality individually tested centrifugal pumps and affordable Easymat booster sets. With a UK head office in Bicester, a northern office in Castleford, an active member of the BPMA (British Pump Manufacturers Association) and a continually increasing innovative product portfolio, Calpeda pumps UK are one of our leading business partners.

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A cross section of Calpeda’s product portfolio:

Calpeda NM NMS horizontal flanged cast iron pumps

nmspumpThese pumps are constructed from cast iron and are fitted with either a brass or cast iron impeller, with Carbon , Ceramic mechanical seals (other options available on request) and NBR elastomers.

The NM has an extended motor shaft, whilst the NMS is fitted with a stub shaft, and so can be fitted with a standard IE2 electric motor. They are designed to pump water up to 90 deg C. Used in a variety of industries ranging from water treatment, chillers, irrigation and general water distribution. Motor powers range from 0.55Kw up to 75Kw and available in both 2 pole and 4 pole. Flow rates go out to 480 M3/hr and heads ranging up to 95 metres.

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Calpeda NM and NMD horizontal single and twin impeller pumps

nmdThese pumps are constructed from cast iron and have screwed connections. The NM has a single impeller, and the NMD has twin back to back impellers. Standard Carbon versus Ceramic mechanical seals are fitted, with other seal options available. Common applications include pressure boosting, industrial washing equipment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning duties.

Calpeda MXH MXHL MXHF horizontal multistage pumps

mxhThese are quiet running pumps constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel, or 316 stainless for the MXHL versions. Used extensively for pressure boosting in both domestic and industrial environments. As usual with Calpeda pumps there are various mechanical seal options, making them a very versatile and popular pump choice. Other applications include water distribution, rainwater pumping, industrial washing equipment, irrigation and various chilling and cooling jobs.

These pumps are available with either single (MXHM) or three (MXH) phase electric motors. Popular models include MXH M 202, MXH M 203, MXH M 204, MXH M 403, MXH M 404 and MXH M 405.

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Calpeda MXV MXV-B vertical multistage pumps

mxvCalpeda’s range of MXV stainless steel and cast iron vertical multistage pumps are our preferential choice of pumps with this configuration. They are fitted with a standard IE2 flanged electric motor, which fits onto the pump without the need for any coupling/shaft height adjustment. This is because Calpeda have fitted an extra thrust bearing and sleeve coupling at the top of the pump, so the motor will simply slot in and is bolted down with four bolts.

Where cost is an issue, there are savings to be made with the MXV-B version which has an extended pump/motor shaft. The pumps come with threaded ports as standard (flanges are optional) on sizes up to 40mm, and cast iron flanged for the 50, 65 and 80mm sizes. Each pump size is available with a varying numbers of impellers depending on the pressures required.

They are commonly found on booster pump sets, irrigation systems, wash systems, boiler feed and many more industrial and commercial applications. Standard seals are hard metal/carbon and EPDM, with other combinations available. Liquid temperatures of up to 110 degrees C, and maximum working pressures up to 25 bar.

These pumps can all be fitted with variable speed drives MXV-E.

Calpeda MPC MPCM self priming swimming pool pumps

mpcA small range of GRP and Noryl bodied swimming pool pumps, available in seven sizes MPC M11, MPC M21, MPC M31, MPV M41, MPC M51, MPC M61 and finally the MPC M71.

Designed primarily for swimming pool applications, but due to the pump’s self priming and dirty water capabilities, have also been found on pond duties.

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Calpeda NMP B-NMP self priming swimming pool pumps

nmpThese pumps are available in both cast iron or bronze, and are designed for larger commercial pools. Flow rates go out to 108 M3/hr and motor powers range from 0.55Kw up to 11Kw. Various seal combinations, voltages and frequencies are available on request.

Calpeda PF stainless steel pre filters

pfConstructed from either 304 or 316 stainless steel, this range of three pre-filters PF100, PF125 and PF150 are fitted with removable basket filters with 6mm diameter holes. Designed to be fitted in front of a flanged end suction pump to prevent foreign bodies from entering the pump.

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Calpeda A series self priming pumps

aseriesThese pumps are available with cast iron or bronze bodies and impellers, and are designed for pumping either clean or dirty water, when a suction lift is required. The pumps are fitted with a built in backflow preventer (check valve) which avoids reverse siphoning when the pump stops. This also keeps the pump head primed and ready for the next start. There are four port sizes available, the A40, A50, A65, and A80, with flow rates topping out at 1,100 litres per minute.

Calpeda C and CM series open impeller centrifugal pumps

cmA close coupled cast iron or bronze pump with screwed connections, fitted with an open impeller, ideally suited for pumping moderately dirty liquids and emulsions.

Available models include the C16, C20, C22/1, C22, C4/1, C4, and C41. Pumps are available in single CM, and three phase versions, with various special features on request.

Calpeda CT, CTM, T, and BTP peripheral regenerative pumps

ctA small range of peripheral pumps, available in both cast iron for general cold water duties, or in bronze for hot or warm water duties. This is one of our preferred peripheral pump ranges due to the longevity and reliability associated with these pumps. Capable of developing high heads with low motor powers (B-TPM80 will produce 90 metres head with a 0.75Kw motor), these pumps can be found in a variety of different applications ranging from general pressure boosting to washing, cooling and chiller duties.

Popular pump models include the CT61 or CTM61 (BT or BTM61 for bronze) and is Calpeda’s compact pump version which can fit inside small cabinets etc. The T or TM (single phase) pumps are also available in both cast iron or bronze, and feature the suction port on the side of the pump. Popular models include T61E, BT61E, TM61E and BTM61E, T65, T70, T76 and T100. Motor sizes go up to 7.5Kw for the TP132.  Peripheral pumps are also available in a self priming version CA or CAM range.

Please contact us for any further information or a data sheets.

Calpeda CA, CAM, and BCA self priming peripheral pumps

caCalpeda also produce a peripheral range of self priming pumps designed for pumping clean liquids that may contain entrained air, or where a suction lift is required, for example when drawing water from a well. Models include CA M 60, CA M 80, CA M 90, CA M 9. Flow rates of up to 40 litres per minute and heads up to 53 metres depending on model.

Please contact us for any further information or a data sheets.

Calpeda NGX NGXM self priming jet pumps

ngxConstructed primarily from stainless steel and noryl, and fitted with a Carbon Ceramic Nitrile mechanical seal, the NGXM is used primarily in domestic applications, such as pressure boosting, rainwater collection and garden irrigation. Due to the excellent self priming characteristics (9 metre suction lift in less than 3 minutes) and high achievable pressures (up to 5.5 bar) these pumps are also suited for pumping water from wells and storage tanks. With flow rates up to 140 litres per minute, the 240 volt range consists of the NGXM2, NGXM3, NGXM4, NGXM5/16, NGXM5/18, NGXM6/18, NGXM5/22 and NGXM6/22.  

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Calpeda VAL and SC series vertical column sump pumps

valAlthough not as popular as they once were (due to the advent of submersible pumps) this style of pump still has a place in Calpeda’s product portfolio. We have found this range to invaluable for pumping hot liquids directly from a sump or tank. Liquid temperature of 40 degrees C for the standard pump, and up to 100 degrees C for a pump fitted with a bronze bearing bush. Submersible pumps cannot cope with that sort of temperature. Solids handling of up to 50mm can be achieved with the VAL range, so can also be used for dirty water or sewage applications.

Popular models include VAL30, VAL65, SC30, and SC50. Port sizes range from 1 ¼ inch BSP up to 2 ½ inch BSP, with stem lengths ranging from 565mm up to 2510mm. Float switches can be fitted directly to some models, or a separate float system can be installed for automatic operation.

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Calpeda GXRM GXV and GQR submersible drainage pumps

gxrmCalpeda have a quality range of submersible drainage pumps, starting with the GXR (open impeller) and GXV (vortex impeller) series which are typically used for cellar, basement or lift shaft drainage, and can come with or without a float switch for automatic control. Model sizes consist of the GXRM9, GXRM11, GXRM13, GXVM25-6, GXVM25-8 and GXVM25-10. All models are mechanically sealed and are fitted with a ceramic shaft sleeve which will give excellent wear resistance making them ideally suited for certain pond duties.

The GQR series consisting of the GQR M 10-10, GQR M 10-12, GQR M 10-14, GQR M 10-16, GQR M 10-18 and GQR M 10-20, are constructed from 304 stainless steel and cast iron, and are designed for slightly more arduous duties with higher heads and flows. Also available as a GQS version fitted with a vortex impeller for greater solids handling.

Calpeda GQV submersible sewage and waste water pumps

gqvA fairly new addition to Calpeda’s submersible pump range. These pumps are constructed from stainless steel and cast iron and are fitted with a double mechanical seal running in an interposed oil chamber to protect against dry running. Fitted with a vortex free flow impeller means that these pumps are capable of handling solids of up to 50mm. The 240 volt models are fitted with a float switch for automatic pumping, whilst the 415 volt pumps will require a separate float control system. The range consists of models GQV M 50-8, GQV M 50-9, GQV M 50-11, GQV M 50-13 and GQV 50-15. All models are 2 inch flanged, but 90 degree screwed elbows can be supplied if required.

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Calpeda Idromat 3 and 4 electronic pump regulators

idromatDesigned to be screwed into the outlet of Calpeda’s small booster pump range such as the MXHM or NGXM, or can be fitted anywhere along the discharge pipe, these control regulators are a simple solution to give automatic pump operation on rise and fall of pressure. The Idromat also incorporates a flow switch which will protect the pump in cases of dry running. Can be fitted to pumps with flow rates not exceeding 10 M3/hr (166 litres per minute) and maximum working pressures of 10 bar.

Models consist of Idromats 3-12, 3-15, 3-22, 3-30 and the Idromat 4 which is adjustable. Switch on pressures range from 1.2 bar, 1.5 bar, 2.2 bar and 3.0 bar. These units can be supplied loose or factory fitted to a suitable pump.

Calpeda Easymat variable speed frequency converters

easymatCalpeda’s variable speed system driven by a frequency converter for pressure control in domestic, commercial and residential applications. The Easymat will keep the pressure constant as the flow demand changes. This variable speed operation ensures that only the energy used at one particular given time is used, saving both money and wear on the pump or pumps. The Easymat is designed to be fitted into the discharge pipework for simple installation and better cooling. Models consist of 5MM, 8.5MM, 5MT, and Easymat 9MT.

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