Well pump with ejector

Borehole & Well Pumps

Domestic, agricultural and commercial borehole and well pumps are available to suit all applications.

Many people have gardens that contain a well of some sort. Some people, especially in rural areas, rely on their well and already have a pumping system in place. Others may not rely on their well as they are connected to the mains and have a reasonable pressure. However, especially in the springtime we quite often receive enquiries from people wanting to utilise the water in their well for irrigating the garden, either via a sprinkler system or just a simple hose pipe with a spray nozzle on the end.


We have many different types and makes of pump to choose from, ranging from a simple self priming Jet pump sited at the top of the well that can be switched on and off manually, through to a submersible stainless steel multistage pump connected to a combined pressure and flow switch module, which will stop and start the pump on fall and rise of pressure. For example, open and close a tap or a valve and the pump will automatically start up and switch off.

Popular well pumps include the popular Ebara Idrogo and the Calpeda NGXM ranges of submersible and surface mounted pumps.


For larger commercial and agricultural applications, we can supply borehole pumps for 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch bores, including all the necessary submersible quality cable, joint kits, probes, pressure switches and pressure vessels.

Popular makes of well and borehole pumps we supply include:


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