Cellar Sump Pumps

For, Commercial premises, houses, or indeed any building that may be in an area where there is a high water table or perhaps in close proximity to an underground spring, then the cellar or basement stands a good possibility of flooding. When this occurs, the water needs to be pumped back up to ground level and away to a drain.

The best option is to fit an automatic submersible pump, (also known as a sump pump or cellar drainage pump), into a sump (which is basically a hole in the cellar floor). The pump will then automatically start once the water level rises, and will switch off once the water is pumped away. One of the most common types of automatic cellar sump pump, is one that has a float switch attached on a short length of cable. For this installation, the sump will need to be of a suitable size in order to accommodate the design parameters of the float switch. However, we can also offer an alternative float switch, commonly known as either a magnetic tube float or integral float. This will allow the pump to operate in a much smaller sump.

Please contact us if you require any further information on sump dimensions.

We keep various sump pumps in stock, but have found the Ebara Best One and the Calpeda GXRM9 to be amongst the most reliable. Both are fitted with an industrial type mechanical seal between the pump and electric motor (stops water from getting into the motor) and don’t just rely on a rubber lip seal often to be found in cheaper sump pumps.

Our 240 volt single phase (110 volt and 415 volt are also available) sump pumps are usually fitted with between 5 and 10 metres of submersible grade power cable, and can be fitted with a suitable 240 volt 3 pin electric plug (please check with us to ensure the correct size of fuse is fitted). Our stock pumps are constructed from stainless steel and are cooled by the water being pumped, which means they can be operated both fully or even partially submerged. Heads (heights) of around 25 feet (8 metres) can be achieved, and flow rates of up to 35 gallons per minute (160 litres per minute) can also be achieved depending on the total operating head (static height, length and bore size of discharge pipe). If the above flows and heads are not suitable for your particular application, then we can also supply far more powerful pumps and are happy to discuss and specify a pump to suit individual operating conditions.

Our pumps have been supplied for use in many different types of environment, from seldom used normally dry basements that only flood during extreme weather conditions, through to flooded lift shafts and Public House cellars with very high water tables.

We also supply emergency flood boxes, which consist of a crate (doubles as a strainer box) a water pump (either a submersible 240 or 110 volt, or a petrol driven self primer) 20 metres of lay-flat hose, quick fit cam connections, a hose clip and a pack of five floodsax.

What happens if you have a flood but don’t have a sump? Simple, our Best One stainless steel submersible pump can be fitted with a low level suction base, the float switch can be inverted, and the pump will have effectively been transformed into what’s commonly known as a “puddle sucker pump”. We have used this method in the past to pump out a flooded dining room after a flash flood. We managed to get the water level down to 2-3 mm so that a mop and bucket could do the rest.

Submersible pump and sewage pump repairs can also be carried out in our workshops.

We carry a large stock of Cellar pumps, please call us now on 0116 2897908 with your requirements