EMP Slavkov u Brna suds pumps

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July 23, 2013

EMP Slavkov suds pump

As an independent UK pump distributor based in Leicestershire, we are well known for supplying industrial quality suds and coolant pumps for machine tool applications. Popular brands supplied include Brinkmann Pumps, Speck Pumps, Sacemi Pumps, A-Ryung Pumps, Powercool Pumps and Knoll Pumps, but one of the lesser known makes is EMP.

EMP are an East European manufacturer of pumps and electric motors, based in Slavkov u Brna. Amongst their product portfolio is a range of coolant or suds pumps that can be found on various imported machine tools. Models include the COA and the COV or COP ranges.

The COA pumps are available in both three phase and single phase, and stem lengths range from 90 mm up to 350 mm. Heads go up to approx 6.5 metres and flow rates go out to approx 170 litres per minute.

The COV pumps are also available in single and three phase, and are quite often found on Toshulin machines, with stem lengths ranging from 150mm up to 390mm. However, these are a relatively high pressure pump, with heads reaching 80 metres ( 8.0 bar ) and flow rates up to 75 litres per minute.

Slavcov mez pumpThe pump shown in the photograph is one of the COA pumps with a 220mm stem, which we have recently supplied to a customer for use on a band saw. The old pump, which is also shown on the photograph, had given many years service, but finally needed replacing. The pump was missing the data plate, but one of our experienced sales engineers quickly identified the type and model and sent one out to the customer on a next day delivery.

If you require further information or price/availability, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department on 0116 2897908

The full COA range is as follows :

4COA1-09 4COA1-10 4COA1-12 4COA1-14 4COA1-17 4COA1-22 4COA1-27

4COA2-09 4COA2-10 4COA2-12 4COA2-14 4COA2-17 4COA2-22 4COA4-27

4COA4-10 4COA4-12 4COA4-17 4COA4-22 4COA4-27

4COA6-12 4COA6-17 4COA6-22 4COA6-27

4COA10-17 4COA10-27 4COA10-35 4COA14-17 4COA14-27 4COA14-35

4COA16-18 4COA16-28 4COA16-36 4COA25-18

The full COV range is as follows :

COV23-15 COV23-25 COV33-18 COV33-28 COV43-25 COV43-39 COV54-25 COV54-39 COV56-25 COV56-39