KSB Calio energy efficient circulator pumps

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February 25, 2015
KSB compact energy efficient circulator pumps.

KSB Calio circulator pumps

Benefits of Calio at a glance

  • All major interfaces are integrated
  • Space-saving design
  • Simple operation
  • Quick and easy to install and commission
  • Offer a long service life, and with membrane technology preventing the ingress of pollutants into the rotor space
  • Offers energy savings in excess of 40 percent with the Eco Mode

Top efficiencies with Eco Mode

The Innovative highlight of this circulator is its unique Eco Mode. With this new operating mode KSB Calio achieves top efficiencies within the part load range. This can save more than 40% of the energy required in the “Proportional pressure Control mode”.

How does the Eco Mode work ?

When in Eco Mode, the circulator operating in part load range, adjusts the differential pressure to the individual system demand, along a quadratic pump curve. A setpoint can then be selected as a starting point for computing the pump characteristic curve.

Eco Mode, what are the benefits ?

  • Low energy and operating costs:
    Lower differential pressures per flow rate value compared to Proportional-pressure Control mode
  • Power input reduced by more than 40 percent:
    Comparing to proportional-pressure control
  • No flow noises:
    No generation of unnecessarily high heads
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