Godwin vertical multistage pumps

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October 8, 2014

For many years Godwin Pumps have manufactured a variety of pumps from their factory in Quenington Gloucestershire. Their name has always been synonymous with a range of Dri-Prime fully automatic self priming pumps. However, they also placed their name on a range of vertical multistage pumps, which were distributed throughout the UK. Recently, Godwin Pumps have been bought by the ITT group, and have subsequently dropped this line of pumps from their range. This leaves us with a bit of a gap to fill, and fortunately here at IPM we are able to fill that gap.

As the area distributor for KSB Pumps, we are able to supply the original dimensional and performance pumps that Godwin Pumps put their name on. This range is the KSB Movitec pump, and this month, we shall be writing a short blog on each of the Godwin RPV model ranges (2, 4, 10, 18, 32, 45 and 65) and make available all the old data sheets showing performance curves and dimensions, and then cross reference them with the up to date current dimensional and performance KSB Pump equivalents.

Essentially, this means we are able to supply our customers with a duty and dimensional interchangeable pump that will require NO pipe-work modifications.

Movitec pump

Movitec pump

Breaking the code (Example RPV 2-11-1.1)

Godwin’s pump designation codes used to be prefixed by the letters RVL, but during the 1990’s they changed this to RPV.

The next part of the code denotes the flow rate at peak efficiency, and this was measured in Cubic metres per Hour (m3/Hr) and there were 2, 4, 10, 18, 32, 45 and 65.

We then had a number denoting the number of stages (impellers) which could range from 1 all the way up to 25.

Finally the last number in the code would denote the Kw rating, which could range from 0.37Kw up to 37Kw depending on the pump’s flow rate and number of stages.

So typically a code could read RPV 2-11-1.1 and broken down this means : RPV (pump type) 2 (flow rate in m3/Hr) 11 (number of stages) 1.1 (Kw rating)

This style of pump referencing is typical of most pump manufacturers.

The RPV pumps were constructed from 304 stainless steel wetted parts, with Tungsten Carbide running bushes and either Carbon vs Ceramic or Silicon Carbide vs Carbon mechanical seal faces, and EPDM elastomers (rubber parts)

Typically, the pumps were designed to handle clean water with temperatures ranging from -20 degrees C up to +120 degrees C, but seal and elastomer variations could be made in order for the pumps to handle a wider range of liquids and temperatures. We can still make those changes today with the Movitec pumps, either direct from KSB’s manufacturing plant, or we can sometimes retro fit alternative seals and o-rings here at our works in Leicester, Leicestershire.

Please see the diagram below showing some of the design features of the Movitec pumps

movitec cutaway

Look out for our follow up Godwin/Ksb vertical multistage blogs, or call/email us if you have any enquiries or require further information or a quotation.