Brinkmann Pumps UK

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July 9, 2018

Brinkmann Pumps UK are one of the worlds leading coolant pump manufacturers, and we can supply the full range at very competitive prices.

Here is a link to our Brinkmann page :

As the range is so comprehensive and each pump can have multiple variants, this means that they are all now built to order at the factory in Germany. The last three numbers in the pump designation code can tell us your pump’s particular build spec.

Pease call us for further information and/or pricing.

Here is a list of the many Brinkmann pump types :

KTF52/300-051X+127 KTF51/300-X+053

TB16/90 TB16/120 TB16/170 TB16/220  TB25/90 TB25/120 TB25/170 TB25/220 TB25/270 TB25/350 TB40/90 TB40/120 TB40/170 TB40/220 TB40/270 TB40/350 TB63/90 TB63/120 TB63/170 TB63/220 TB63/270 TB63/350 TB100/120 TB100/170 TB100/220 TB100/270 TB100/350 TB40/120-M TB40/170-M TB40/220-M TB40/270-M TB40/350-M TB63/120-M TB63/170-M TB63/220-M TB63/270-M TB63/350-M TB100/120-M TB100/170-M TB100/220-M TB100/270-M TB100/350-M

TA160/200 TA160/270 TA160/350 TA160/440 TA160/550 TA250/200 TA250/270 TA250/350 TA250/440 TA250/550 TA400/200 TA400/270 TA400/350 TA400/440 TA400/550 TA600/210 TA600/280 TA600/360 TA600/450 TA600/560

TE141/200 TE141/270 TE141/350 TE141/440 TE141/550 TE142/150 TE142/230 TE142/300 TE142/380 TE142/470 TE142/580 STE143/190 STE143/270 STE143/340 STE143/420 STE143/510 STE143/620 STE144/220 STE144/300 STE144/370 STE144/450 STE144/540 STE144/650  STE145/270 STE145/350 STE145/420 STE145/500 STE145/590 STE145/700 STE146/300 STE146/380 STE146/450 STE146/530

TA302/170 TA302/250 TA302/320 TA302/400 TA302/490 TA302/600 STA303/220 STA303/300 STA303/370 STA303/450 STA303/540 STA303/650 STA303/850 STA303/1000 STA304/270 STA304/350 STA304/420 STA304/500 STA304/590 STA304/700 STA304/900 STA304/1050 STA305/320 STA305/400 STA305/470 STA305/550 STA305/640 STA305/750 STA305/950 STA305/1100 STA306/370 STA306/450 STA306/520 STA306/600 STA306/690 STA306/800 STA306/1000 STA402/170 STA402/250 STA402/320 STA402/400 STA402/490 STA402/600 STA402/800 STA402/950 STA403/220 STA403/300 STA403/370 STA403/450 STA403/540 STA403/650 STA403/850 STA403/1000 STA404/270 STA404/350 STA404/420 STA404/500 STA404/590 STA404/700 STA404/900 STA404/1050 STA405/320 STA405/400 STA405/470 STA405/550 STA405/640 STA405/750 STA405/950 STA405/1100 STA406/370 STA406/450 STA406/520 STA406/600 STA406/690 STA406/800 STA406/1000 STA407/420 STA407/500 STA407/570 STA407/650 STA407/740 STA407/850 STA409/520 STA409/600 STA409/670 STA409/750 STA409/840 STA409/950 STA602/200 STA602/280 STA602/350 STA602/430 STA602/520 STA602/630 STA602/830 STA602/1000 STA603/260 STA603/340 STA603/410 STA603/490 STA603/580 STA603/690 STA603/890 STA603/1040 STA604/330 STA604/410 STA604/480 STA604/560 STA604/650 STA604/760 STA604/960 STA604/1110 STA605/390 STA605/470 STA605/540 STA605/620 STA605/710 STA605/820 STA605/1020 STA607/520 STA607/600 STA607/670 STA607/750 STA607/840 STA607/950 STA609/650 STA609/730 STA609/800 STA609/880 STA609/980 STA609/1080 STA901/200 STA901/300 STA901/430 STA901/550 STA901/750 STA901/980 STA901/1100 STA902/270 STA902/370 STA902/500 STA902/620 STA902/820 STA902/1050 STA902/1170 STA903/340 STA903/440 STA903/570 STA903/690 STA903/890 STA903/1120 STA904/410 STA904/510 STA904/640 STA904/760 STA904/960 STA904/1190 STA1001/210 STA1001/310 STA1001/440 STA1001/560 STA1001/760 STA1001/990 STA1001/1110 STA1002/290 V390 STA1002/520 STA1002/640 STA1002/840 STA1002/1070 STA1002/1190 STA1003/370 STA1003/470 STA1003/600 STA1003/720 STA1003/920 STA1003/1150 STA1004/450 STA1004/550 STA1004/680 STA1004/800 STA1004/1000 STA1004/1230 STA1006/610 STA1006/710 STA1006/840 STA1006/960 STA1301/210 STA1301/310 STA1301/440 STA1301/560 STA1301/760 STA1301/990 STA1301/1110 STA1302/290 STA1302/390 STA1302/520 STA1302/640 STA1302/840 STA1302/1070 STA1303/370 STA1303/470 STA1303/600 STA1303/720 STA1303/920 STA1303/1150 STA1600/300 STA1600/430 STA1600/550 STA1600/800 STA1600/1050 STA2000/300 STA2000/430 STA2000/550 STA2000/800 STA2000/1050 STA1602/410 STA1602/540 STA1602/660 STA1602/910 STA1602/1160 STA2002/410 STA2002/540 STA2002/660 STA2002/910 STA2002/1160 STA2500/330 STA2500/460 STA2500/580 STA2500/830 STA2500/1080

TL50/110 TL50/140 V190 TL50/240 TL50/290 TL50/370 TAL200/140 TAL200/220 TAL200/290 TAL200/370 TAL200/460 TAL200/570 TL141/150 TL141/230 TL141/300 TL141/380 TL141/470 TL141/580 TL142/180 TL142/260 TL142/330 TL142/410 TL142/500 TL142/610 STL143/220 STL143/300 STL143/370 STL143/450 STL143/540 STL143/650 STL144/250 STL144/330 STL144/400 STL144/480 STL144/570 STL144/680 STL145/300 STL145/380 STL145/450 STL145/530 STL145/620 STL145/730 STL146/330 STL146/410 STL146/480 STL146/560 TAL302/190 TAL302/270 TAL302/340 TAL302/420 TAL302/510 TAL302/620

Brinkmann SAL902Brinkmann SAL902 pictured, available with varying stem lengths, motor powers, flows and pressures.

SAL303/240  SAL303/320 SAL303/390 SAL303/470 SAL303/560 SAL303/670 SAL303/870 SAL303/1020 SAL304/290 SAL304/370 SAL304/440 SAL304/520 SAL304/610 SAL304/720 SAL304/920 SAL304/1070 SAL305/340 SAL305/420 SAL305/490 SAL305/570 SAL305/660 SAL305/770 SAL305/970 SAL305/1120 SAL306/390 SAL306/470 SAL306/540 SAL306/620 SAL306/710 SAL306/820 SAL306/1020 TAL401/140 TAL401/220 TAL401/290 TAL401/370 TAL401/460 TAL401/570 SAL402/190 SAL402/270 SAL402/340 SAL402/420 SAL402/510 SAL402/620 SAL402/820 SAL402/970 SAL403/240 SAL403/320 SAL403/390 SAL403/470 SAL403/560 SAL403/670 SAL403/870 SAL403/1020 SAL404/290 SAL404/370 SAL404/440 SAL404/520 SAL404/610 SAL404/720 SAL404/920 SAL404/1070 SAL405/340 SAL405/420 SAL405/490 SAL405/570 SAL405/660 SAL405/770 SAL405/970 SAL405/1120 SAL407/440 SAL407/520 SAL407/590 SAL407/670 SAL407/760 SAL407/870 SAL409/540 SAL409/620 SAL409/690 SAL409/770 SAL409/860 SAL409/970 TAL601/150 TAL601/230 TAL601/300 TAL601/380 TAL601/470 TAL601/580 SAL602/220 SAL602/300 SAL602/370 SAL602/450 SAL602/540 SAL602/650 SAL602/850 SAL602/1020 SAL603/280  SAL603/360 SAL603/430 SAL603/510 SAL603/600 SAL603/710 SAL603/910 SAL603/1060 SAL604/350 SAL604/430 SAL604/500 SAL604/580 SAL604/670 SAL604/780 SAL604/980 SAL604/1130  SAL605/410 SAL605/490 SAL605/560 SAL605/640 SAL605/730 SAL605/840 SAL605/1040 SAL607/540 SAL607/620 SAL607/690 SAL607/770 SAL607/860 SAL607/970 SAL609/670 SAL609/750 SAL609/820 SAL609/900 SAL609/1000 SAL609/1100 SAL901/220 SAL901/320 SAL901/450 SAL901/570 SAL901/770 SAL901/1000 SAL901/1120 SAL902/290 SAL902/390 SAL902/520 SAL902/640 SAL902/840 SAL902/1070 SAL902/1190 SAL903/360 SAL903/460 SAL903/590 SAL903/710 SAL903/910 SAL903/1140 SAL904/430 SAL904/530 SAL904/660 SAL904/780 SAL904/980 SAL904/1210 SAL1001/230 SAL1001/330 SAL1001/460 SAL1001/580 SAL1001/780 SAL1001/1010 SAL1001/1130 SAL1002/310 SAL1002/410 SAL1002/540 SAL1002/660 SAL1002/860 SAL1002/1090 SAL1002/1210 SAL1003/390 SAL1003/490 SAL1003/620 SAL1003/740 SAL1003/940 SAL1003/1170 SAL1004/470 SAL1004/570 SAL1004/700 SAL1004/820 SAL1004/1020 SAL1004/1250 SAL1006/630 SAL1006/730 SAL1006/860 SAL1006/980 SAL1301/230 SAL1301/330 SAL1301/460 SAL1301/580 SAL1301/780 SAL1301/1010 SAL1301/1130 SAL1302/310 SAL1302/410 SAL1302/540 SAL1302/660 SAL1302/860 SAL1302/1090 SAL1303/390 SAL1303/490 SAL1303/620 SAL1303/740 SAL1303/940 SAL1303/1170 SAL1600/310 SAL1600/440 SAL1600/560 SAL1600/810 SAL1600/1060 SAL2000/310 SAL2000/440 SAL2000/560 SAL2000/810 SAL2000/1060 SAL1602/420 SAL1602/550 SAL1602/670 SAL1602/920 SAL1602/1170 SAL2002/420 SAL2002/550 SAL2002/670 SAL2002/920 SAL2002/1170 SAL2500/340 SAL2500/470 SAL2500/590 SAL2500/840 SAL2500/1090

TGL331/140 TGL331/220 TGL331/290 TGL331/370 TGL331/460 TGL331/570 SGL332/190 SGL332/270 SGL332/340 SGL332/420 SGL332/510 SGL332/620 SGL333/240 SGL333/320 SGL333/390 SGL333/470 SGL333/560 SGL333/670 TGL501/150 TGL501/230 TGL501/300 TGL501/380 TGL501/470 TGL501/580 SGL502/220 SGL502/300 SGL502/370 SGL502/450 SGL502/540 SGL502/650 SGL503/280 SGL503/360 SGL503/430 SGL503/510 SGL503/600 SGL503/710 SGL801/220 SGL801/320 SGL801/450 SGL801/570 SGL801/770 SGL801/1000 SGL802/290 SGL802/390 SGL802/520 SGL802/640 SGL802/840 SGL802/1070 SGL803/360 SGL803/460 SGL803/590 SGL803/710 SGL803/910 SGL1101/230 SGL1101/330 SGL1101/460 SGL1101/580 SGL1101/780 SGL1101/1010 SGL1102/310 SGL1102/410 SGL1102/540 SGL1102/660 SGL1102/860 SGL1102/1090 SGL1103/390 SGL1103/490 SGL1103/620 SGL1103/740 SGL1103/940 SGL1400/310 SGL1400/440 SGL1400/560 SGL1400/810 SGL1400/1060 SGL1402/420 SGL1402/550 SGL1402/670 SGL1402/920 SGL1402/1170 SGL1702/420 SGL1702/550 SGL1702/670 SGL1702/920 SGL1702/1170 SGL2200/340 SGL2200/470 SGL2200/590 SGL2200/840 SGL2200/1090

Brinkmann SFL 750Pictured here is a Brinkmann SFL quick suctioning immersion pump

SFL650/220 SFL650/320 SFL650/450 SFL650/570 SFL650/770 SFL650/1000 SFL850/230 SFL850/330 SFL850/460 SFL850/580 SFL850/780 SFL850/1010 SFL1150/230 SFL1150/330 SFL1150/460 SFL1150/580 SFL1150/780 SFL1150/1010 SFL1350/310 SFL1350/440 SFL1350/560 SFL1350/810 SFL1350/1060 SFL1550/310 SFL1550/440 SFL1550/560 SFL1550/810 SFL1550/1060 SFL2350/340 SFL2350/470 SFL2350/590 SFL2350/840 SFL2350/1090

Brinkmann SFC 1150Pictured here is a Brinkmann SFC cutter pump.

SFC850/290 SFC850/390 SFC850/520 SFC850/640 SFC1150/290 SFC1150/390 SFC1150/520 SFC1150/640 SFC1550/370 SFC1550/500 SFC1550/620 SFC1850/370 SFC1850/500 SFC1850/620

FT35/100 FT35/130 FT35/180 FT35/230 FT35/280 FT35/360 FTA140/130 FTA140/210 FTA140/280 FTA140/360 FTA140/450 FTA140/560 SFT450/300 SFT450/430 SFT450/550 SFT450/800 SFT450/1050 SFT710/300 SFT710/430 SFT710/550 SFT710/800 SFT710/1050 SFT1100/300 SFT1100/430 SFT1100/550 SFT1100/800 SFT1100/1050 SFT1300/360 SFT1300/490 SFT1300/610 SFT1554/360-C SFT1554/490-C

TAS301/140 TAS301/220 TAS301/290 TAS301/370 TAS301/460 TAS301/570 TAS401/140 TAS401/220 TAS401/290 TAS401/370 TAS401/460 TAS401/570 TAS601/150 TAS601/230 TAS601/300 TAS601/380 TAS601/470 TAS601/580

STS1001/230 STS1001/330 STS1001/460 STS1001/580 STS1001/780 STS1001/1010 TAA70/200 TAA70/230 TAA70/280 TAA70/330 TAA140/200 TAA140/280 TAA140/350 TAA280/200 TAA280/280 TAA280/350 SBA141 BAL901 SBA901 BAL902 SBA902 BAL1301 SBA1301 BGL801 SBG801 BGL802 SBG802 BGL1101 SBG1101

TC25/260 TC25/340 TC25/430 TC25/550 TC25/805 TC25/810 TC40/260 TC40/340 TC40/430 TC40/550 TC40/715 TC40/720  TC63/270 TC63/350 TC63/440 TC63/560 TC63/745 TC63/750 TC160/330 TC160/430 TC160/580 TC160/740 TH45/140 FH45-14 FH45/190 FH45-19 TH45/240 FH45-24 TH45/290 FH45-29 TH45/340 FH45-34 TH45/390 FH45-39 TH45/470 FH45-54 TH45/685 FH45-68 TH45/690 FH45-69 TH90/140 FH90-14 TH90/190 FH90-19 TH90/240 FH90-24 TH90/290 FH90-29 TH90/340 TH90-34 TH90/390 FH90-39 TH90/470 FH90-47 TH90/540 FH90-54 TH90/685 FH90-68 TH90/690 FH90-69 TH180/190 FH180-19 TH180/230 FH180-23 TH180/270 FH180-27 TH180/300 FH180-30 TH180/380

FH180-38 TH180/500 FH180-50 TH180/645 FH180-64 TH180/650 FH180-65 TH180/760 FH180-76 TH360/150 FH360-15 TH360/190 FH360-19 TH360/230 FH360-23 TH360/300 FH360-30 TH360/380 FH360-38 TH360/460 FH360-46 TH360/645 FH360-64 TH360/650 FH360-65

TC250/520 V600 TC250/720 TC250/910 TC250/1150 TC450/420 TC450/470 TC450/560 TC450/690 TC450/870 TB63/120-M TB63/120-M TB100/120-M BMK3 BGD3 KC60 SB20

KTF25/120 KTF25/170 KTF25/220 KTF25/270  KTF40/120 KTF40/170 KTF40/220 KTF40/270 KTF51/120 KTF51/170 KTF51/220 KTF51/270 KTF52/150 V200 KTF52/250 KTF52/300 KTF53/190 KTF53/240 KTF53/290 KTF53/340 KTF54/220 KTF54/270 KTF54/320 KTF81/120 KTF81/170 KTF81/220 KTF81/270  KTF82/150 KTF82/200 KTF82/250 KTF82/300 KTF83/190 KTF83/240 KTF83/290 KTF83/340 KTF151/140 KTF151/220 KTF151/290 KTF151/370 KTF152/180 KTF152/260 KTF152/330 KTF152/410 KTF153/220 KTF153/300 KTF153/370 KTF153/450 KTF301/140 KTF301/220 KTF301/290 KTF301/370 KTF302/180 KTF302/260 KTF302/330 KTF302/410 KTF303/220 KTF303/300 KTF303/370 KTF303/450 KTB200/120 KTB200/200 KTB200/270 KTB200/350KC21 KC31 KC35 KC45 KC60 SB20 SB40 SB60  B401/110 B401-F

B501/110 B501-F BMK3 BMK4 TC25 TC40 TC63 TC160 TH45 TH90 TH180 TH360 FH45 H90 FH180 FH360 TC250 TC450 TS12/110 TS13/110 TS21/110 TS22/110 TS24/140 TAS301-140 TAS401/140 TAS601/150 STS1001/230 SFT1554S360-C

As you can see, the range is huge and continually expanding.

Here we have a picture of a TA160/350+001 :

Brinkmann pumps uk

This particular pump is available with five different stem lengths, various build materials to suit the application, and can also be supplied  with a greater resistance to high temperatures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or if you need any advice on pump specification to suit you particular application.

Call our sales team on 0116 2897908 or email at