Caprari Pumps new 6 inch submersible motors

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October 26, 2017

Caprari Pumps new 6 inch submersible pump motors

Caprari have their expanded their range to include the new EASYWELL series.


The combined electrical performance and technical solutions place the Easywell series on the high end motor market with extremely competitive prices.

Couple the Easywell motor with Caprari’s wet end and take advantage of their Defender (Caprari International Patent) that lengthens the life of the borehole submersible pump, by protecting the coupling area from foreign abrasive substances thanks to the particular design.

Main features

Electrical performance, copper rotor and large stack length ensure high efficiencies.

Inverter compatible, suitable for use with inverter and soft-starter; giving flexible use and the ability to resist to harsh duty conditions. The motor is designed for high winding insulation, so gives a high resistance to voltage spikes, intermittent operations and higher temperatures.

Power supply cables: using single-wire cables with a circular cross-section simplifying their junction with the feeding cables

Mechanical seal in hard faced Silicon Carbide, so using top quality seals which are resistant to wear in particularly demanding operating conditions and with the presence of abrasives

Line bearings: special graphite-based self lubricating materials ensures a high robustness and precise alignment in working conditions

Thrust bearing: axial thrust up to 28 kN on the whole product range ensures a wide safety-margin against the axial loads generated by Caprari’s pump ends

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