Richard Hill Pumps

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February 9, 2018

Richard Hill self priming centrifugal pumps in Ridlington Rutland Leicestershire have been manufacturing pumps since 1969. Formerly known as Hill Dickow, these pumps are used in many industrial applications such as quarries, concrete and brick manufacturers, agricultural and fisheries markets, and can handle a wide range of liquids from fertilisers to just plain dirty water.

Richard Hill pump models start with the 1ME 0.36 Kw one inch pump and go up to the 15ME 11Kw three inch pump.

The full electric motor driven range :

Richard Hill Pumps 1ME with 1” ports and coupled to a 0.36 Kw 1 or 3 ph motor

Richard hill Pumps 4ME 1.1 Kw 1.5” ports

Richard Hill Pumps 6ME 2.2 Kw 2” ports

Richard Hill Pumps 7ME/5.5 4.0 Kw 2” ports

Richard Hill Pumps 7ME/7.5 5.5 Kw 2” ports

Richard Hill Pumps 15ME/7.5 5.5 Kw 3” ports

Richard Hill Pumps 15ME/15 11 Kw 3” ports

We can supply mechanical seals for all the above pumps, and have performance details on our data base, so can match up an equivalent pump from some of the other ranges we supply such as Calpeda, KSB, GMP and Varisco.

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